Resource Mortgage Company Commercial Mortgages Apartment Loans
Resource Mortgage Company Commercial Mortgages Apartment Loans

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Resource Mortgage Company
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Do you provide loans throughout the United States?
Yes. The properties should be in metropolitan areas; i.e. cities and larger suburban areas.

What are your minimum and maximum loan sizes?
Our minimum loan size is $1,000,000 and there is no maximum.

What are your lending sources?
Our sources include banks, insurance companies, pension funds, savings institutions, conduits, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and private lenders. We have well-established relationships with a wide variety of lending institutions and companies, and therefore have a large selection of loan programs available.

What services do you provide?
When you first contact us, we will be glad to discuss your loan request with you, answer your questions, and identify the type of loan we can provide.

Once you have applied for a loan, we handle the details of assembling a professional loan package for presentation to lenders, and we work with the appropriate lenders to obtain the best loan. We do an economic analysis of the property and present the information in a format which meets the lender's requirements. We arrange for appraisals and other required reports, and follow through to loan closing.

As a borrower you want the loan application process to go smoothly, and you don't want surprises as you refinance your loan or purchase a property. We try to anticipate problems and deal with them in advance, so your loan will be approved and closed in a timely manner.

Do you co-operate with home loan brokers?
Yes. Please click here for details.