Resource Mortgage Company Commercial Mortgages Apartment Loans
Resource Mortgage Company Commercial Mortgages Apartment Loans

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Home Loan Brokers

Have a commercial deal? We can do it for you.

If you are a home loan broker, but are not in the commercial mortgage business, we can assist by providing commercial mortgage financing on your behalf.

In this way, you maintain client loyalty while offering a service which the customer needs. Broker compensation is shared on either a referral or co-brokerage basis, as best fits the circumstances.

It is best to call first (or send an e-mail) about the requested loan, so that we can discuss any issues related to the property and determine the available financing.

We are glad to discuss your apartment or other commercial financing request and outline some financing alternatives with no obligation to you. If the financing is of interest, you can discuss it further with your borrower or if you prefer, we can work directly with the borrower. In any case, we don't proceed unless you are satisfied that the proposed mortgage financing will meet your client's needs.

Benefits to the Broker

Offer another service to your clients, so they don't have to go somewhere else for commercial financing.

Do commercial mortgages without having to become a commercial expert.

Another source of revenue to supplement your existing business, with no new capital investment.

Call, e-mail, or fill out the Online Loan Request regarding your deal, and we'll be glad to respond promptly.